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The Just World Hypothesis/Blame the Victim Theory.

There is a theory/hypothesis in Psychology/Sociology named………...

The Just World Hypothesis/Blame the Victim.

It is a theory that explains the ingrained attitudes that successful people often live by. It goes like this:

The world is just. If things go well for you, then you must have done the right things to make those good things happen to you.

And on the other side, if you do not succeed or tragedy has befallen you, then you must have done something wrong or have not done anything at all to make your life successful. You are incompetent and are living a life of irresponsibility.

I have run into people throughout my lifetime from all areas of life: from car mechanics to pastors of Churches who have accused me, saying, you must not be living right. It doesn’t seem to enter their small brains that there are so many outside influences in our lives that work against us and prevent many of us from making any progress in our lives and in our work.

At the bottom of this theory lies the Fear of the Accusers, a fear buried deeply in their psyches THAT this might also happen to them. But they can’t think about that. They are terrified. They bury the fear and instead Blame Victims for their own failure to pull themselves by their own bootstraps. Or they say to the victims: God helps those who helps themselves. Which is another way placing the blame on the victim. And by the way that declaration is NOT in the Bible. Let me say that again. “God helps those who help themselves” in NOT in the Bible.

This is how so many laws are written to make the situation even worse and even more difficult to scrape together enough money to eat but to have to forego their own healthcare which makes it more difficult to work and to earn enough money just to make ends meet.

Remember the Parable of the Owner of the Vineyard: the Owner paid all the workers the same wage, regardless of when they showed up to work.

Fine Arts and Liberal Arts Education and Occupations are frowned upon in our society. But these are the kinds of experience and education that round out the human being and make us whole people.

And then there are low and minimum wage jobs that will never pay enough to crawl out of the hole. There are few people whose jobs pay a retirement pension.

And many people live with chronic illness, and businesses have no concern for those who are trying to work but just cannot keep up.

Remember the Parable of the Owner of the Vineyard: the Owner paid all the workers the same wage, regardless of when they showed up to work.

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