Can Instagram remain untainted?

Instagram turns 5

I came very late to the party where Instagram is concerned, so the news that the social visual channel is now five years old came as quite a surprise.

When my photography hobby started to grow, I needed an outlet for my photos that could reach beyond my inner circles. Having spent time posting photos to a Pintrest board with only the occasional repin to keep me entertained, I was hungry for more.

Instagram delivered. The first few images posted sent my phone buzzing with immediate ‘likes’. As I explored the people who had ‘liked’ my photos I found they had incredible galleries of their own that I could browse and follow. It is like visiting numerous photography exhibitions from your sofa. The quality of visual material is truly inspirational.

Adding hashtags

The second discovery I made was that I could make my phone buzz with new notifications simply by increasing the hashtags I added. By including hashtags used by others I could reach a bigger audience and attract more followers.

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Instagram longevity

Every social channel has to evolve to keep users engaged and entertained. Instagram is described as:

“A community of more than 300 million who capture and share the world’s moments on the service.”

A very powerful statement that suggests you can enjoy the world through the eyes of others. So will people tire of this? As long as people are motivated to post then there will always be new material to view. As a serial photo up-loader I found it interesting to learn that 37% of Instagram users have never uploaded a single photo! That means the channel attracts far more browsers than I realised.

Clearly as part of Facebook, Instagram can benefit from regular feature enhancements to keep users engaged. The jury is still out on the use of Instagram for advertisers — it is a fine balance between commercialisation and user experience. As a B2B marketer, I only use Instagram for pleasure at the moment.

I am interested to see how Instagram stays relevant and untainted for its users over the next few years. I know I will be following it’s evolution closely.

Happy Birthday Instagram!

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