Sen. Lindsey Graham: Trump is empowering Putin
Laurel Raymond

I could not care what a neoconservative hack has to say about anything.

The man who thinks it’s a-okay to authorize military force anywhere on the planet simply because the of slightest hint of Islamic terror, would worsen the situation in Ukraine, wants to force the U.S. military to stay in the Middle East indefinetely, believes that a Syrian ceasefire is a capitualition to the Russia and Iran, unabashedly supports a far-right ultra-nationalist government that’s oppressing an entire people, and thinks the word “the” in Arabic is spooky should not be listened to…

…especially considering his other comments on Trump.

They did it in France, they’re going to do it in Germany…

That’s some bullshit.

‘The Resistance’ should not be giving a platform to these lying warmongers.