It’s Time For The Left’s ‘Progressive’ Men To Start Listening
Casey Quinlan

I have found it disturbing how leftists have often dismissed race and gender as being societal/cultural constructs, despite their preferred issue of class also being a construct by their own logic. Just today, a leftist I know declared that racism does not exist but that the state itself is racist. The other day, another leftist defined gender as merely being a ‘spook’, in reference to Max Stirner.

I hold the view that the current social issues impacting women and minorities are tied directly to their economic standing. Essentially, class is tied to gender, race, etc.. We need to have a discussion on reproductive rights, sexual assault, the gender pay gap, gender discrimination, and so on. This is something more leftists need to understand if they want to find any kind of successes for their agenda.

It is not necessarily the case that I agree with everything you believe in, Casey Quinlan, but this kind of discussion is necessary. I mean, some might consider that I’m probably not the best person to have it with — maybe because of my cold tone in responses to authors like Sasha Stone, Sammy Leonard, and Jason Karsh — but I try to be polite if the other person brings up legitimate points and actually tries to be serious.