Actually, Bill Maher, Hillary Clinton Was The GREATER Evil
Caitlin Johnstone

If you believe that Clinton was the greater evil because of her support for a no-fly zone in Syria, then I ask that you trace back candidate Trump’s position on the geopolitical conflict. As early as 2015, Trump suggested that he likes the concept of a no-fly zone. Close Trump confidante Michael Flynn supported “safety zones” in Syria. Even worse, candidate Trump suggested that he would send tens of thousands of soldiers to Syria (along with Iraq). The foreign policies of both Trump and Clinton overall are complete and utter trash and not completely unlike each other.

It’s not the case that Trump only became susceptible to manipulation by the national security establishment after he took office — his support for intervention in Libya makes it clear that he was susceptible before he even became a candidate. If Clinton is the greater evil simply because of her support for Syria intervention, then she’s actually an evil equivalent to or even lesser than Trump by your own logic.

As dangerous and awful of a POTUS Clinton would’ve been, I seriously doubt she’d be leading the charge to cut Medicaid nearly by half, decimate the EPA, or clamp down on reproductive rights. It’s unfortunate to say the words “I prefer Clinton” but in this awful political reality, I have to.

However, we still agree on many things: Clinton is an evil, Trump is an evil, and Bill Maher is a fuckstick.