Okay, let’s just pretend for the sake of argument that everything you say about Hillary is true.
Tom Christy

Okay, let’s just pretend for the sake of argument that everything you say about Hillary is true.

It is. We don’t have to pretend, just acknowledge the truth.

So where’s the percentage in making the entire election a referendum on Hillary?

When did I ever say that this election was a referendum on Hillary Clinton? Tell me. Tell me when I at least implied that. Tell me when any Sanders supporter came close to suggesting that. I’d like to know. You’re just making things to give yourself a leg to stand on in this debate.

This was a losing gambit for everyone on the left: Hillary lost the presidency, Russ lost his senate seat, and Bernie lost the chair of the budget committee. There’s no direct path from this routing of the Democrats to Medicare-for-all.

Firstly, Russ isn’t in the Senate and Bernie isn’t the Budget Chairman predominately because of the fact that Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate (but it should also be noted that Republicans aren’t unwilling to tilt elections in their favor; not all Hillary’s fault).

Secondly, I was in favor of voting for the Democrats (including Clinton) in battleground states. Only in safe states did I recommend voters choose a leftist third-party candidate. Why is this case? Because, like many of my fellow Bernie supporters, I knew that Clinton was a better candidate than Trump. There was no gambit for many leftists. Not all, but many.

Finally, you do realize that many establishment Democrats have already reversed much the progress we’ve achieved since the 1930s? It was Democratic President Bill Clinton that signed the bill to repeal Glass-Steagall. Officials under a Democratic administration resurrected a Bush-era deregulation plan. Democrats supported plans to cut Social Security.

Granted, we’ve made a lot of progress on social issues like LGBT+ rights and women’s reproductive health and I agree 100% that Democrats are generally better than Republicans on those issues. But that’s why many leftists and I agree that the Democratic Party is still better than the GOP, albeit not by much. That’s why we voted for Clinton in battleground states.

Bernie and his naive supporters clearly didn’t consider the consequences of their actions.

I love it when liberals insult leftists.

Corrupt, crooked Bernie and his naive supporters are the reason why this country is going to hell! Sad!

Even the Bernie supporters that voted for a third-party or Trump in a swing state considered the consequences. They may not have come to the right conclusion, but they voted after evaluating all the remaining candidates’ policies and accomplishments.

By creating an irreparable schism on the left-wing, Bernie ruined decades of social progress and handed the presidency to a tyrant.

It’s like everything I’m saying is going right over head. It’s honestly amazing.

Hillary Clinton alienated much of the Democratic base for reasons I have already explained.

Had she been a likable, leftist candidate, Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be a household name. He likely wouldn’t have even run. And maybe, just maybe, she’d be President. But she wasn’t, Bernie and multiple other Democrats ran against her.