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The taxes he owed — from both the regular tax calculation plus the AMT — amounted to $38M or 25%. That’s the only relevant number.

It’s not the only relevant number. According to the tax calculator, he should’ve paid about 35%. He didn’t. Ignoring the <5% he paid in regular federal income taxes and going simply off of how much he paid in total, he still did not pay enough. If it were up to Trump, he would have paid an effective federal tax rate of less than 5% (because of his opposition to the AMT).

To pull a little piece of what the Trumps paid and compare that to what illegal aliens (allegedly) pay is meaningless.

It’s a little piece of what Trump paid because he wrongfully managed to avoid doing so. And it’s not alleged that undocumented immigrants pay a rate of 8%, it’s simply true based off the report by the ITEP. If you want to tackle that number, actually take a look and dispute the findings in their studies.

And what is this “what he should’ve paid” BS? What he — and any taxpayer — should’ve paid is the least amount legally owed. Isn’t that what you do?

For Trump to criticize the alternative minimum tax after taking advantage of it is hypocritical. But it’s not the case that all people go out of their way to pay an extra penny in taxes when they’re filing them, at least that’s the case for people I know. If Trump claims to be the man of the people and a public servant, he shouldn’t be avoiding contributing to the institution he wanted to lead.

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