Is «white noise» an Art form?

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«White noise» is considered illegal and against human rights by United Nations. This is the reason why.

The Detroit band Wolf Eyes played recently at the Incubate Music Festival this year in Tilburg city, The Netherlands. I used to listen to their albums a long time ago when I was younger, however, I don’t know if I should have attended their concerts these days. Their music is coined as «white noise» and they represent the mainstream of this kind of sound during the last 15 years or so. This sound can really put you out of your mind. It’s a challenging and extreme musical experience, let’s say it this way.

The concept behind «white noise» is the same as the one associated with sound torture practices by governmental organizations, democratic and non-democratic ones, around the world, including it’s been used in Guantanamo’s prison by CIA forces for more than a decade now. «White noise» allows to create sensory deprivation and hallucinations after a period of time exposure to it, which leads to lose the sense of personality and also reality, therefore, it’s used to more easily break the ego of prisoner’s minds and to turn them into a confused, subversive and lost minded persons. A «walking dead» zone inside our minds.

Ironically, in our present Art world we play it as entertainment and so we can pay to be «tortured» by the musicians named Wolf Eyes. It’s strange (right?) but we are living in what sociologists denominate as «post-modern industrial societies» or whatever that means…(You just have to imagine yourself listening to «white noise» extremely loud and during a time period over 24 hours, non-stop, like sound torturers do it and you will have an idea of the mind damage you can get).

If you dare to listen, give it a try at your own risk:

Wolf Eyes — Burned Mind