If I wished how do I get people to stop referring to me as white?
Tim Knowles

“Anglo American” is actually a great phrase! I hadn’t ever thought of that one.

I could see people pushing back on “Anglo American,” but that pushback doesn’t necessarily imply anything other than their own misunderstanding and/or unfamiliarity with the term. I think it’s the same as people thinking it’s odd/pedantic to call grown females “women” instead of “girls” being an umbrella term for females of all ages.

“Anglo American” might seem weird because it’s uncommon, but it’s much more accurate than “white.” This brings to mind the way Native Americans are still so often called “Indians.” They aren’t and never were Indians—it’s a misnomer, but it’s really common and frequently unquestioned.

I don’t think of this as “word games.” Language is complex and worthy of thoughtful consideration. :)

The way I’m using “perfect” is to say that things function in absolute accordance with their nature. It’s a statement about expression, not one’s preference or opinion about said expression.

This is all kind of the issue with language in general. Words are abstract symbols, and the same one is frequently used to describe both the objective reality of something and also the subjective impression of it. Those are two distinctly different things, but they’re frequently conflated. When one goes about believing that their subjective impression of something is it’s objective reality things get reeeeeeeally messy. Really quickly.

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