How to get a meeting with Sony…

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I still can’t believe I’m meeting with music execs from Sony. Not just a ‘get to know you, build relationships’ meeting… A REAL meeting. Sitting down with me, my client Genesis Be, and Sony execs…I’ve come a long way from August 14th, 2015…That was the day when my life got bigger, that was the day when Genesis and I signed the contract and I became her manager. I never would have imagined that life would take me on this journey.

Back to the Sony situation. I met an exec from Sony from my previous job and cultivated a relationship with him. Over the time span of about 9 months, and building my rapport with him, I asked him about a meeting…a real meeting. He said yes-I couldn’t believe it. He really went out on a limb setting up this meeting. It could be life altering for both me and Genesis. I will definitely keep you posted on what happens. Keep your eyes peeled for my girl. This is our year. Our year to blow. Mark my words on that.

More next time. I’ll give you the whole back story on how Genesis and I got together, what we’ve been doing since August, and what happened with the meeting with Sony. Thanks for reading



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