I knew it to be tough, or so I thought.
I believed that it couldn't just do enough, Now I know I am wrong. 
I see it trying hard to survive, but I thought I did my best. 
I saw it crumbling right in front of me, then I knew I should have tried harder.

I saw the pain in its eyes, but I actually never saw it.
I saw the efforts it had to make, and I knew what it felt like. 
I saw hope dampened through its tears, and I believed in despair. 
Though I never thought it could make me understand.

It wisphered into my heart, how hurt it felt as it lost.
It cried in my head, of how it could bear it no longer.
It screamed to my face and I knew how lost its faith was.
Then I knew I could do almost nothing.

When we both felt things were over for it, the debris got washed away. 
The tunnel shone of priceless jewels.
The opportunity to see an apparition of its dream come true.
It was so glad at this opportunity to live again.

Oh! How I think of her as though she exist no longer.
How I speak of her like she's gone. 
How I tell her tale preassuming she means nothing to the world.
Yet she is all that is dearest to me.