Framework7 v2 Beta
Vladimir Kharlampidi

Hi vladimir, sorry to ask again but I am using framework7 v.2 and i am excited to use it for my new mobile app…

I am getting a problem when using ajax request to update my template page, the template is not updated with the ajax request returned object…

do you know what i am doing wrong?

I just want to update my templates with ajax request calls … any help appreciated, below my ajax call request of my requested page using framework7 v.2

pageInit: function(e, page) {

console.log(‘pageInit’, page);

var self = this;

data = {user:’123456’};


url: ‘_request.php’,

dataType: ‘json’,

data: data,

method: “POST”,

crossDomain: true,

statusCode: {

404: function(xhr) {

console.log(‘page not found’);



complete: function(){



success: function(response) {


return response;

setTimeout(function() {


}, 500);


error: function(){




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