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There are three icons to denote friendship, geolocation tracking, and monitoring.
There are three icons to denote friendship, geolocation tracking, and monitoring.

Dear xSoteria® Community,

For those who do not know me, my name is Rob Steirn, founder of xSoteria®. You have my word that updates like these will be infrequent, but this is one of those special occasions. I would like to share a groundbreaking feature called xSo Buddies™ that you can now use to help increase your safety and the safety of those around you.

I will start with a brief feature description, then feel free to skip to the most personally relatable sections below so you can utilize xSo Buddies™ to the fullest.

TLDR: xSoteria® launched a buddy system for students attending events. Students will be able to share their location with their trusted friends and family, so that if a student does not arrive to a predetermined destination at an expected time, the trusted buddies will receive notifications alerting them of the student’s whereabouts.

How this can work for …

college students: there may be times where you want a friend or family member to know your location for a brief period of time. Perhaps you are attending an event with inherent risk (i.e. a fraternity party, club, or bar), and you would like others to know that you made it back to your apartment. You can use xSo Buddies™ to select a time you expect to arrive back home. If you do not arrive on time, your invited watchers will be notified and provided with the ability to track your location. This feature may also be useful if you live near a neighborhood with high rates of crime.

college organizations: after hearing about sororities sending out Google Forms to their members during date parties to check-in on each other’s whereabouts, we felt that there had to be an easier way to check-in on friends. Organizations can choose to designate exec members as voluntary xSo Buddies™, randomize buddy assignments via the xSoteria Buddy Assignment Randomizer™, or just provide their members the ability to form their own buddy groups. xSo Buddies™ can be used at your organization to promote safety at your large events and streamline a buddy system for your members.

college administrators: to universities that are currently using xSoteria®, feel free to promote xSo Buddies™ to your students and organizations (see the above section on “college students” and “college organizations” for more information).

high school students: if you are attending after school events and activities like a football game, prom, or debate tournament (locally or nationally), you can choose to invite a trusted friend or family member to look after your whereabouts. If you only want them to follow you during a specific event, you can specify the period of time in which they will be able to track your location. xSoteria® is a platform made by students for students … we got your back.

high school tournament directors, after school event organizers, and club administrators: xSo Buddies™ is a great way to keep track of your team/club members when traveling. For example, chaperoning 30 students at a debate tournament in another state can be difficult. You can see all the students who did not arrive to their debate rounds on-time so you can check-in with them to make sure they are okay. Encouraging your students to use xSo Buddies™ can help create peace of mind for the students attending the events and their parents/guardians.

student conventions/conferences: give your student attendees the ability to let their trusted friends and family members know when they arrive to the conference and when they arrive back to their hotel. xSoteria® provides peace of mind to parents/guardians while supporting students with an extra way to help increase their safety.

summer programs: did a student sleep-in? Are they on their way to the next activity? xSo Buddies™ can help program directors figure that out. Also, it’s a great way to help parents/guardians feel more at ease when their child is away from home. Summer program administrators have told us they will be utilizing this feature heavily during their day off when students explore the city.

parents/guardians: xSo Buddies™ is not only a great tool to help oversee your child’s whereabouts, but your kids can also get behind the initiative as well. xSoteria® is an initiative made by students for students. Your children will have the ability to share their location during situations where they feel vulnerable. Is your child living on a college campus? Are they off-campus? Are they walking back from the bus stop? Do they attend late night social events? Are they traveling across the country? These are all situations where your kids may even ask you for additional support. While most kids dislike a “helicopter parent”, encouraging them to use xSo Buddies™ when they feel uncomfortable and would like extra monitoring is something the whole family can get behind.


(1) What is the difference between xSo Buddies™ and Apple’s Find My Friends App? (i) Apple’s Find my Friends is only compatible on iOS devices. xSo Buddies™ is integrated across smartphones including Android phones. (ii) xSoteria® enables time of arrival tracking. (iii) xSoteria® limits a buddy’s visibility during the time specified by a user. (iv) The interface is unlike anything you’ve seen before. If you don’t believe us, try it out yourself. We promise you no other app is doing geolocation tracking like us.

(2) What about Life360? (i) Life360 shares data. We hold ourselves to an unparalleled standard for data protection and sharing. Make your own decision after reading “2. SHARING OF YOUR INFORMATION” on Life360’s Privacy Policy. (ii) xSoteria® lets the user control the duration at which a trusted member can track their location. (iii) xSoteria® notifies monitors if a buddy arrived to the event at a predetermined time. (iv) xSoteria® does not spam you with advertisements. (v) xSo Buddies™ is a great compromise for kids and their parents/guardians trying to establish trust with each other while increasing safety.

(3) What about SafeWalk by LiveSafe? (i) xSo Buddies™ is open to all. You do not need to be affiliated with an organization. (ii) Are you attending a date function or debate tournament in a few days? xSo Buddies™ lets you invite friends and family members days in advance with the option to turn off your location visibility leading up to the event. (iii) Arriving to a campus, club, or dorm room means that the size of the destination can change depending on the event you attend. You can customize a location’s geofence to more accurately determine if you arrived near your selected destination. (iv) If you’re attending multiple events in a trip, you can set as many destinations as you like without having to repeatedly invite people and reset your destinations after each event you attend.

(4) How many destinations can I select throughout my trip? As many as you would like.

(5) How many people can I monitor at once? As many as you would like.

(6) How many people can monitor me at once? As many as you would like.

(7) But what if I don’t want people to know where I am? That’s okay, too. You do not need to use this feature. There are many other reasons to use xSoteria®. But if there is a time you feel that this feature could be helpful, even in one instance, you can specify the duration you want others to watch over your location. Once the time expires, they will not be able to track your location any further.

Have Questions? Feel free to message me at r.steirn@xsoteria.com, visit our website at xsoteria.com, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: If you choose to use xSo Buddies™, xSoteria® always recommends that you reach out personally to the people you monitor regardless of their location and/or arrival status in order to confirm their safety. Using xSoteria® does not directly or indirectly imply one’s safety for various reasons, including but not limited to: (1) a person’s location is not accurately recorded, and (2) if a person arrives near a location it is still possible for them to be in harm’s way. xSoteria® does not guarantee the safety of its users as further explained in xSoteria’s® Terms of Use.

Founder and CEO of xSoteria

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