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A simple guide to user permissions

Zabbix is an enterprise-class monitoring solution for your IT. It can monitor everything from servers (Zabbix Agent) to network devices (SNMP). If need be, you can write your own monitoring script and integrate it with Zabbix. But if you’re reading this article you already know that.

Apart from all its monitoring capabilities, Zabbix comes with a quite complex user privilege management system. In this article, I will unravel its many mysteries without, hopefully, going into too much detail.

Anatomy of Zabbix permission system

When trying to understand a complex system it is usually best to start with going through all of the bits and pieces…

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Monitor PythonAnywhere CPU usage

With the release of version 4.2 Zabbix gained a very useful tool for monitoring various APIs and web pages, namely — HTTP agent. Thanks to this addition you can make a HTTP call to any endpoint and save the response as item data. This differs greatly from existing Web checks as the user is in total control of the configuration. There are no automatically generated items, no associated graphs. Just the response and you.

As mentioned it is great for monitoring data served by APIs. …

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Served over HTTPS and behind a reverse proxy

Cockpit is a web-based administration tool for your linux servers. With it you can manage and update your system, view logs, add users and ever run a terminal. All within a browser!

In this article I will show how to install Cockpit and hide it behind nginx so we can leverage Let’s Encrypt certificates and certbot.

This article assumes that your server has a public IP address and a DNS record associated with said IP. Of course you should also have administrative privileges. If the server resides within your corporate network, then most likely you’ll be able create a record…

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Using monitoring of 7-Zip version as an example

Zabbix is a very versatile tool containing loads of built-in functions. However, not everything is possible out of the box and some things need custom solutions backed up by clever scripts.

One of these things is getting values from the Windows Registry, thou some might argue that can be done with Zabbix Agent 4.4 and its WMI queries. Those, however, are designed to be used with Low Level Discovery and not single items. Then again you could filter out that single item, but I digress.

What you can do instead, is to create a custom UserParameter that will use Powershell…

Robert Szulist

Python and cloud enthusiast, Zabbix Certified Trainer.

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