There is no need to be perfect, just be yourself.

The path is set for you to take it

Often in life we tend to over complicate simple tasks. It can be an exam, getting back to something you were good back then or perhaps learning something new. Some call it “writer’s block” or “artist’s block” whenever they feel like they are unable to come up with something brand new, innovative or creative. With no option available left we try to bring up excuses to compensate for the amount of stress we put on our own head. Some turn their heads towards various escape routes regardless of the consequences of the path that needs to be taken for the relief. It all comes down to some simple thoughts in our mind and I am here to share some of my experience that I had encountered for you dear readers.

Following the tradition of modern day guides on positive thinking and motivation we can begin our journey on the scientific field of how our brain works. To be sincere, I have not studied that area of our brain as of yet even though I do have the curiosity I do believe that we can make things work without having to know the inner mechanisms of everything around us. My first discovery was that our brain has a mechanism to pick the easiest path out of any stressful situations. This mechanism is what decides between fight or flight during the rush of adrenaline. It is also the mechanism that decides whether you are going to give up on something.

Constantly we hear people say “I’m all right without having that” or the most prominent phrase being “Oh I don’t want to learn about these new techy things. I’m fine with what I have right now”. One might see this as a sign of being content of one’s own possessions. But the reality might be that the easiest path out of all the stress and fear of learning something new or embracing change, is to be happy with what we have.

How many times have we given up on something we were good at a long time before? How many times have we given up trying to chase what we loved to have just because the target was too far away from us? How many times have we given up on learning something new, just because we assume that a higher IQ is needed or a high level of creativity and abstract thinking is required.

Pangs of guilt might be arising in yourself as well dear readers. It all comes down to how we look at everything around us. We can either look at something as an obligation or as an opportunity. The difference between these two ideas brings forward the students who get good results regardless of their resources and the students who get stressed even with all the resources around them. If we take on the example of a student, we see almost a lot of students studying for their parents or someone else they love. It can be either to bring up the living standards of their households or perhaps even to bring themselves up to the mantle of their parents. In all of the above situations, the student does not see the exam as an opportunity but as an obligation. The students who want to use the exam as an opportunity to get to a better place and thereby help the others who supported him , naturally put their maximum efforts as their ideas are set out on personal development and not for someone else.

Those who struggle with the arts, be it music,drawing,singing,playing an instrument tend to see the final result as something that has to be perfect. Hence the title, “There’s no need to be perfect, just be yourself.” This is the difference between the artist struggling to finish the commissioned drawing he has to make and the little child who is constantly practicing again and again eventually perfecting his drawing of a human face. This is the difference between the engineer working overnight to finish the project before the deadline and the entrepreneur who works all night with the passion of building something new and unique for himself.

Even those who start on something they were good at a long time ago, tend to have an obligation to make sure that the product they make now has the same glamour of their own past accomplishments. This is how students who were good at drawing or some other form of art are unable to start them again after they pause their endeavors in the aesthetic subjects.

If for a second we stopped whatever problem we are stressing over and considered how we are looking at the problem, all the storms of anger and thunders of pain and lightnings of regret and the showers of tears will fall away, showing the path to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So my message to all of you is There’s no need to be perfect, just be yourself, take the opportunity in front of you and reach the highest you can with it, and finally look down on how far you have come and relish that moment of self satisfaction.