Differentiating PR and tech PR

PR stands for public relations. Generally the term PR used for the strategic relationship which includes imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium, which is mutually beneficial for organizations and their customers. Public relation (PR) is actually the exercise of overseeing the spread of information among the organization and the people of same interests. It is all about relationship with real people, your customers, to keep them updated and keep them connected with the company.

You may confuse Public relations with advertising, but this is totally different. You keep connected your customers in a circle, whether through writing, newspaper or any other means that do not require direct payment. You can say this is the form of marketing communication, you provide your client the whole network of news, latest about company and many other services for free. These services helps organization to spread their latest interests among the international market and it targets the public of same interests from all over the world. The results of these services are mutually beneficial for public and the organization.

The early concept of PR is just publicity of something among the public but in 2011–12, PRSA led an international effort to rationalize the definition of PR, which says:

“Public relations is the strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Public relations society of America (PRSA) is charted in 1947. It is the world’s largest and most prominent society working for the development of public relations, currently dealing with more than 22,000 public relations and communication professionals. Public relations student society of America (PRSSA) with more than 10,000 university and college students also working with PRSA.

As there are many technologies in the world that are positively impacting the way we live our lives. In other words technology is gaining the control of everything around us, our social system, our economy, our wealth distribution system and almost everything. In the same context, tech PR is making public relations simpler, effortless, systematic and well organized.

Today there are many organizations in the market which are using technology to spread information among their customers. Social networks, internet and web are the easiest ways to spread any information among millions in less than a second. Information is easily approachable by organization and public as well.

This article gives the brief concept of public relations and how technology is changing it to better. It also sheds light on the important role in public relations played by PRSA.