Reasons to Hire a Tech PR Company:

Businesses in the process of hiring a PR firm should take into consideration the advantages of hiring tech PR companies. A specialized tech PR firm can offer technology companies unique skills that non-tech PR firms cannot.

Tech PR companies have a thorough acknowledgement of technology, understanding technical terms and industry usage. Specialized tech PR firms also follow technology trends, read technology trade publications and keep up with the latest innovations and industry news.

They have expertise in the technology industry. Unlike general PR agencies, Tech PR companies employ people with real-world experience in the technology field. The principals at Walker Sands, for example, have built successful technology companies in previous business endeavors. This industry expertise is what sets Walker Sands and other tech PR companies apart from the average PR firm.

They have the right network of media contacts. As integral members of the technology world, Tech PR companies have carefully built up the contacts and resources necessary to achieve placements in the correct publications and media outlets. Because specialized tech PR companies keep pace with developments in the technology world, they can contact the right people to get your brand’s messages to your target audience.

Being young is really an advantage. Especially in startups, executives tend to be young and demand a team that will be able to go toe-to-toe with them on the latest trends. If you’re a new PR pro, you’re likely to be an early adopter of the latest gadgets or the cutting edge of social media. It’s easier to find your role on teams. Deep tech, or the enterprise, is undergoing a renaissance as well.

Tech affords a diverse crowd that will keep you on your toes. The cast of characters that are involved in technology are some of the most interesting, intellectually stimulating, unpredictable people to work with.

People who are skilled at Tech PR are quite interesting. They’re mad scientists, relentless humanitarians, have doctorates in medieval studies. They’re immigrants that have overcome amazing obstacles and eventually create billion-dollar companies.

The best tech PR firms have a thorough understanding of the audience that technology companies are trying to reach. These Tech PR companies have a solid knowledge base of the trade publications, magazines, news sources, websites, blogs and social media sites that appeal to their clients’ audiences.

In a recent PR campaign conducted by Walker Sands, a rapidly expanding digital marketing company wanted to increase its awareness among major e-retailers in the mobile commerce space. All of needs can thus be meet with a specialized Tech PR company. The best way to achieve results with a PR campaign is to utilize the talents and skills of a Tech PR company that can build a brand with PR solutions personalized to tech startup or established technology business.

Selecting a specialized Tech PR company over a general or more traditional PR agency will best fit needs of the business and will eventually provide you with a greater return on investment on the company’s PR budget.