Week 4: Concept Progress

Last week we started working out our concept idea.

This was split into two main objectives: make a concept video & an application.

The concept video is made to sketch an idea of how the final video will take form. Note that this is not the actual video we will use in our presenation. Our goal here is to sketch a scenario where is shown that using the banking app is THE solution to the cashless world and the disappearence of small change.

The application is a big part of our critical design. By using marvel app & images created with illustrator we want the people to have an idea about how the app would work.

This week, the last week of our project, we are going to film the commercial. The plan is to present all of this with the corresponding posters and flyers — Convention style.

application: https://marvelapp.com/9b8c756
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rizT8dFc9SQ&feature=youtu.be