A DAOWO Reading List

17 Sep 2015

Cover image by Martin Grandjean, 2014, Licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike.

Here’s some suggested reading around the concepts involved with DAOWO.


DIWO — Do It With Others: Resource — Furtherfield.

DIWO: Do It With Others — No Ecology without Social Ecology — Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett.


11 Best Reads For Learning About Decentralized Applications — Tom Kysar.

What Does it Take to Succeed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization? — William Mougayar.

Blockchain — Melanie Swan.

From Bitcoin To Burning Man And Beyond — Ed. John H. Clippinger & David Bollier.

Bitcoin And Philosophy (Book coming soon.) — Nick Land.

Money Lab Reader — Ed. Geert Lovink, Nathaniel Tkacz &Patricia de Vries.

Decentralized Applications (Coming soon.) — Siraj Raval.

Much soul, very emotion: Why I buy into the cult of Dogecoin — Brett Scott.

Conceptual Art, Cryptocurrency And Beyond — Me.

The ABC of Accelerationist Blockchain Critique — Me.

My Little Penny — Bitcoin Is Magic — Me.

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