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Technology ,news, people and etc... Seems like a routine ad caption, right ? This is not all what we want to express down here. Rather , we would like to show you what to expect from the ‘R10 Today' medium blog.

In the present, we are never out of technological articles to read and get informed. But how often do you come across news directly from the very pioneers in the field ? IEEE is just not another organization. It is a group of people who are few of the best in the world right now in their area of expertise . R10 newsletter works to bring out to everyone, all that's latest in the field.

So, all true enthusiasts out there who love to understand , learn and adapt to new technologies , this is going to be one good opportunity for you.

At some point in your professional life , you will feel the need to have a touch of guidance by a professional and IEEE can be the best platform. Follow the stories here to find out who and what are the current trends in your field of interest and follow them up.

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