Libertarians and Marxists live in the same fantasy world

Both systems fail and lead to oppression because they don’t take into account human nature. Traditional capitalists and Libertarians have similar goals as Marxists, but they just deny it because they have an irrational hatred for Marxism. Marxists are too busy trying to be edgy to admit that they have anything in common with Libertarians. Plus both groups hate each others. There are a few psychological defense mechanisms that explain why people who are similar hate each other. I am not an expert on Marxism so I could be wrong, but the Communist utopia sounds suspiciously similar to the Libertarian utopia with very limited or no government control and everything just works out. Traditional capitalism leads to privatized oppression so Libertarians can claim the government didn’t cause it. Both are great systems on paper. Neither is suited to a large industrial society. Capitalism still works better though even with the problems it has.

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