Opposing “snowflakes” is collectivist

Many conservatives hate anything related to collectivism with a burning, irrational, pathological passion because they associate it with Communism. It limits their world view to have such a reaction because human nature is very collectivist. Collectivism means more then the public realizes. When a shitlord or a conservative calls a non binary person a snowflake for making up their own gender, they are enforcing a collectivist world view. I’m not calling either position right or wrong right now, I’m only establish what it is. I support non binary people but I also respect people who don’t and I don’t think there is anything harmful about their position.

Someone who creates their own gender or identifies as an animal or does something that is very abnormal is engaging in a very individualistic act. Genders other then male or female are not accepted by the collective society. When a conservative mocks a non binary person, they are defending a collectivist mindset.

Defending the collective is not inherently wrong because human nature is collectivist and collectivism is required for society to function. The legal system enforces collectivism every day. Everyone who follows laws without threat of punishment is engaging in collectivism. Even people who pride themselves on rejecting conformity still conform to many standards. They join groups of like-minded people, they dress in similar styles, and they usually follow the same laws.