Self-identified “anti-SJWs” are worse then SJWs

Anti-SJWs get just as triggered over stupid shit at least as often as SJWs. They’re just as irrationally thin-skinned and they have the same professional victim complex where they spin insane conspiracy theories whenever they feel persecuted. They look for hidden SJW agendas in exactly the same way as SJWs grasp at straws to be offended by anything.

I read a lot of anti SJW websites and conservative websites that I don’t usually agree with because it’s important to be exposed to ideas outside of your safe space. One of these sites is usually written by one guy but anyone who is registered can write with approval of their posts. There was an article posted by one of their readers after I saw Rogue One that proposed an insidious conspiracy theory that the use of accents in the movie was intended to teach children that ISIS was in the right against American soldiers. I thought critically about this analysis and I can see how he could get that impression, but I don’t agree that it’s realistic. He pointed out that the Empire consists entirely of white men with American accents, while the Rebels include non whites and they have foreign accents. Making the good guys be non white or foreign and having the bad guys be white Americans was supposed to bias children against white people. This plays in with the ambush of the storm troopers by the rebels in a desert city where people and aliens were wearing middle eastern style clothes. In this scene the Rebels were supposed to be ISIS and the Empire represented an American convoy. That’s all way too complex for a child.

I am completely reserving all negative judgement for the author of this post without any clear indication of malice on their part. There is no reason to assume that they’re a narcissistic shitlord the way SJWs would and I want more people to adopt this mindset of not being quick to judge because it’s one of the qualities that makes SJWs and shitlords so terrible.

The problem with this analysis of Rogue One is it reads into the movie way too much. Even though there are clear similarities between the themes in the desert city and the middle east, those themes and styles might only be there because they’re understood to be desert themes. It’s extremely unlikely that anyone involved with producing the movie would try to imply that ISIS terrorists fighting Americans were in the right. There are unhinged SJWs that would push such ideas, but they’re rare. Even for SJWs, that’s not a common belief, even if they’re sympathetic to ISIS and they think America is being aggressive. Saying that the movie portrays ISIS fighting Americans positively is way too much of a stretch.

Rogue One pulled off a female main character successfully and the use of accents and non white people was beneficial to the style of the two sides, but not in an SJW kind of way. Use of a female main character felt normal and she seemed like any other possible main character that could have been used. Even if SJWs did influence the gender of the main character, it wasn’t obvious. Any story can have a female main character regardless of whether it was influenced by SJWs. The use of accents was appropriate for the alliance. The Empire was a homogeneous enemy that needed to be as boring as possible in its demographics. Any signs of humanity would have started to make them a sympathetic enemy. The Alliance is the primary and good faction so they need to have personality. Including people and aliens of many different racial and ethnic backgrounds helps establish their style as a diverse group of people from all across the galaxy who are coming together to fight the Empire. Giving them different accents shows that they are from many different places and cultures, as opposed to a group of people in once place who decided to fight the Empire. I’m not addressing the Force Awakens, which did feel like it had SJW pandering, but Rogue One pulled off any possible SJW influence without making it obvious or ruining the story.

This only one out of many examples of anti-SJWs losing their shit over things that are very trivial.

Any time something remotely social justice related happens, or SJWs do something that could effect anti-SJWs, they always completely lose their minds and start just as much hand flapping as when SJWs are offended. It almost seems like they’re just as dedicated to being offended as SJWs. Most of the alleged problems that anti-SJWs screech about aren’t even that serious.