We don’t need to get rid of Capitalism

Capitalism has been a great system. Like Marxism, it is a great system on paper. In reality Capitalism works much better then Marxism ever has. Capitalism still leads to severe human rights abuses and problems with class inequality that are the cause of most social problems. The reason Capitalism doesn’t work is because of human nature. If left to their own devices without any pro-social incentive, business owners can easily put their own interests ahead of the workers. As the more removed the decision makers are from the workers then this becomes easier.

Dumping Capitalism entirely creates many more problems with establishing a new system and making it work. Capitalism already works and has been very successful, but it has created inequality. Some of the problems were limited during the 19th and 20th Centuries. The United States has a better chance of adopting Marxism without becoming a dictatorship because we are more socially equitable then other countries that attempted to establish it, as long as the Constitution were respected. There would still be a lot of risk to liberty with such massive changes taking place. It would be way too big a change and it would be completely necessary. Marxism has never worked and we don’t have any idea how to make it work that isn’t incredibly speculative, and the people who speculate about such things are likely biased in favor of Marxist ideas. Throwing out Capitalism for any alternative system would create too many challenges with making that system work and provide better lives for the people who were under privileged though Capitalist inequality.

Instead of replacing Capitalism, all we need are solutions to fix the problems that it creates.

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