How to: Update Jekyll (Mac)

July 26th saw Jekyll get bumped to version 3.2, and with it came the introduction of themes. More on themes in another post, but check out some of the starter themes on the PlanetJekyll GitHub.

August 2nd saw an update which fixes issues on Windows systems, so now we are sitting pretty at version 3.2.1.

So, updating jekyll is really simple, as always! So this will be a pretty short post. Fire up your terminal window of choice. I use the awesome iTerm2.

First, lets check to make sure you’ve not already updated Jekyll by running:

jekyll -v

Next up you need to enter:

gem update jekyll

yes, seriously that is it!

Now after I updated, I had a couple of errors which were in regards to some missing items. I ran the following line which seemed to resolve my issues.

bundle install
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