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I know things intuitively, by default.

I sense corruption in people, I sense foreboding in places… There is without a doubt changes in the credibility index of the so-called “normal view of society” . This fluctuating indicator of all things normal relies on a flawed perception of the weighted average of a series of leave it to beaver-do gooder assumptions about how to act, what to think and appropriate responses to social events and people in general. The credibility of all media is brought into question in my mind every time I filter the massive daily intake of my daily consumption.

Critical thinking 101

A) Who is reporting in unison scripted diatribe intent on corralling the audience/sheeple into a direction away from the truth?

B)Who is countering these arguments and what is their credibility?

C)At what point do you leave the safety net of peer group acceptance of standard world views and begin to entertain more controversial fringe ideas?

So in a nutshell, am I a budding conspiracy theorist? Am I ready to take the red pill and follow the rabbit through the portal of the twilight zone? But wait-I am the normal one, it’s everyone else that’s been hijacked by the matrix.

Sure it’s ok to want to be accepted and sing in unison with all your friends in your cookie-cutter McMansions in your gated communities, the songs of nomalcy and Utopia. But what happens when pesky new evidence destroys long held beliefs? What happens when the world is turned upside down with shocking new evidence of say JFK, 911, or more recently accusations of corrupt politics?

As I closely watch people switch news providers like they change underwear, and suddenly support candidates they used to hate, and suddenly become part of a conversation they used to call ridiculous unfounded and tin foil hat retards, the list keeps growing and finally I realized it’s becoming parabolic.

Even the laws of physics are about to be re-written in our lifetime so your opinion today will likely be irrelevant tomorrow as the goal post are not just moved- are you ready for this? Hold my hand sit down.

There never was a goal post.

Oswald- not a lone-gunman. 911 inside job. All elections rigged. Satanic pedophile rings? In process of discovery.

Now if all of this is proven to my satisfaction then I am gonna have start looking into even more absurd Conspiracy Theories.

Flat Earth? Lol gotta put that one next because it is an exercise that has the potential to have the biggest impact on humanity.

So instead of being a bitter clinger, maybe it’s time to let down your hair and relax by a warm fire and dare to really explore the worlds history and future state of affairs with true unbiased critical thinking while removing all filters and staring at the original canvas that’s being currently painted by both credible and less than credible artist. To unify a credible source for truth is inherently flawed because it centralizes the data which makes it easy to corrupt, and just like the Bitcoin phenomenon there is an ongoing debate in that community about that -poor anology , sorry but perhaps a new decentralized and distributed way to source truth in all things is necessary being the whole religion thing has been corrupted apparently by humans inability to Not rewrite divinely inspired manuscripts, is non-existent.

Morphing truth- yea like true today false tomorrow. Conspiracy today, true tomorrow. Can I just please have one more ride on the merry-go-round before we leave mommy?

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