We can say Descartes was a Jonah swallowed by the whale of his mind. We can also say Kant learned to pray for him.

The medical practitioners of genomic pre-selection and passive euthanasia appear to be the legal and procedural gatekeepers of the world to come. The question of who would be ‘authentic’ after the last word of Turing’s oracle in computational neuroscience indicates that our human pretense stems from ignorance.

There was no Big Bang, neither acoustically nor scalably.

Life is a structural — not essential — property of matter. Given the multi-level complexities, emergent qualities and self-sustainable functionalities, it leaves little room for wonder other than distant echoes of the vitalistic sentiments. (Anthropology does not overlap with moral ontology and that is why the question of human nature par excellence belongs to the realm of political ideology).

Where to plant Kosovo peonies?

We do not have reliable representations of the subjectivity of the organisms at a much lower evolutional stage of the development of the nervous system, and since the neocortical functions, on recreation of which is based the development of artificial intelligence, are in more and more aspects surpassed by the capabilities of integrated circuits, can we hope — or do we even have the right — to attribute any anthropocentric ontology to the A.I.?

The micro-essay has been published on Art & Science in Philosophy of Mind.

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