Inside the groundlessness.

We can imagine a point of view on the cosmic panorama that unveils all its entirety from the ever past to the ever future in the form of the completed path of primordial light. It is a point beyond time and space by necessity, and by necessity the exact home address of our metaphysics — or the God’s eye, if you will — but nevertheless, it materializes the outermost thought we can give to the wonder of our existence.

When the buzzing sensation in your head is in sync with the hum of the Universe.

The idea of progress in philosophy turns out yet another twist and turn to its impenetrable course of life and those opting for a final answer to it — by putting it to death — give it a bounce which ripples through the innumerable minds of its subsequent wonderers.

The micro-essay consists of posts published on Art & Science in Philosophy of Mind. The subtitle line comes from ‘From Here Laughter Sounds Like Crying’ by Peter Gizzi.