That keeps us from facing the fate at its crudest.

Most people’s reference to the world remains representational. That is, they are focused on their maps and only care to keep them consistent and updated in verbal exchange with the similar kind.

If you can clearly distinguish physicality of others from your hopeful projections onto them, then you actually have no access to any consciousness apart from your own, within which you experience reinforcement — or not — of the theory of mind constructed for your own use on the basis of diverse social interactions. And the other way round, since you cannot prove completely your own subjectivity to anybody, you rely on the social contract by which you give and receive — or not — the status of a (conscious) human being.

And suddenly I know who I am with all my virtues and vices.

I come to believe that functionally, sociopaths rely more on the reptilian part of the brain rather than the developed ‘cultural extras’ of the neocortex. That is why they win, so to speak, in personal encounters: most people do not come to terms with their instinctual layers thus keeping their intellect (existentially) barren and ungrounded.

I THEN GUESS that getting in touch with the visceral while maintaining the exhibition of socially desirable behaviours is the actual course of the individually oriented paths to ‘enlightenment’, whatever their provenance.

The micro-essay has been published on Art & Science in Philosophy of Mind. The poetic part comes from Naked Being.

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