A compilation of every letter (1977 to 2019) Warren buffet wrote to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway on business and investing that you can download here.

We have a tendency to think that the world must conform to our creations.

Bertrand Russell said, “Most men would rather die than think. Many do.”

I know that sounds extreme. But he was trying to tell that most people inhibit thinking due to fear.

With the exception of people not thinking because they’re lazy or actually unable to–why don’t people stop, think, and actually make an effort?

It wasn’t until we were building our latest product (LawTrades 3) that I realized there was a high likelihood it could fail and my long-held beliefs would be shattered.

It felt easier…

Ben and Ariel seconds before their pitch to the sharks

I had the chance to interview Ben Zvaifler, CEO at PupBox. Ben accepted a $250,000 offer from Robert Herjavec on the current season of Shark Tank. PupBox is a subscription box company for new puppy owners.

Talked about: How entrepreneurs can get on the show, what the sharks are like off-camera, working with Robert Herjavec, the “Shark Tank Effect”, and starting a subscription box company.

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Raad: So let’s start with the obvious. What was it like to be on Shark Tank? …

How’s it going!? Thanks for subscribing to my publication! This is my first Medium letter and it really means a lot that you’re part of it.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last piece — mainly because I was super busy moving my startup from NYC to Silicon Valley. LawTrades got an investment from 500 Startups and an offer to join their accelerator program. We’re all really stoked about it.

Anyways, without further ado — here’s my next essay called “Hard things I learned growing up”.

I wrote it a bit differently than my other pieces. It’s shorter, succinct, and based off an idea I had after a few glasses of wine.

Hope you like it/read it/recommend it.



From thinking I had it all figured out after graduating law school to dropping everything and moving to Silicon Valley to build LawTrades — here’s what the last decade of my life has taught me.

  1. Being an “adult” never really happens. The age to finally be one keeps moving up as you get older.
  2. Success welcomes you in private while failure slaps you in public.
  3. Sometimes you will make all the right decisions but still end up with an unfavorable result. So the result should not be measured by whether you made the right decisions.
  4. You have less time than…

Do you know what Steve Jobs, John D. Rockefeller, Amelia Earhart, and Ulysses S. Grant have in common?

They each possessed the talent of turning obstacles into opportunities drawn from the Stoic ideologies of Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.

While living our lives, it’s very likely that you will run into some pretty distressing events, and at other times it’ll seem like everything is running exactly as it should with very few discomforts.

And arguably, the more interesting and worthwhile a life goal is, the more sacrifice and inconvenience will be required from you up front…

A few months ago, I raised funding for my startup. After months of bootstrapping the business and burning through my savings, I finally got what I needed to push LawTrades into the stratosphere. My friends/family heard about the news and wanted to celebrate, but I just stayed in bed all day and ignored their calls and messages.

Like a kid, I hid under my covers and just laid there.


For the first time since starting my company out of my law school apartment, I felt completely and utterly overwhelmed by the work that was cut out for me.


“Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate.

Something interesting is happening.”

-Tom Goodwin

An Awesome List of Free Legal Stuff Made by Legal Pro’s

The legal space is currently undergoing a time of unprecedented innovation. Is this good for your company? Yes. Getting legal stuff done will be faster, cheaper and easier than ever before.

Just to preface, I’ve had some success starting 2 businesses along with spending LOTS of time/cash navigating all the legal stuff.

Currently, I’m helping 100's of startups get all their legal work done with http://www.lawtrades.com.

Okay, now that we have the credibility out of the way, let’s dig in.


Entrepreneurs who neglect the legal basics can collapse a business before it even gets started. Here’s how you’ll have a serious leg-up on your future and your competition.

When you start a business, the opportunities are limitless: for growing wealth, for gaining a new lifestyle, for changing the world — and for making mistakes that will make you wish you’d been more savvy at the beginning. Below are five of the most common legal errors that startups make.

Reason #1: Not asking, “What’s in a name?”

Choosing a name is one of the first decisions you’ll make as a new business owner, but before you even get started…

Raad Ahmed

Sharing my startup lessons. Founder & CEO at https://lawtrades.com/

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