Current State of the Race and R4C16

Political observers normally consider Labor Day the point at which voters solidify their choice. The latest national Quinnipiac survey lists only three percent of likely voters as undecided; and only nine percent of those who have decided on a candidate say they could change their mind before the election.

Nevertheless, as in all elections, partisans must actually show up to vote. Close elections happen; so potential votes cannot be taken for granted.

R4C16 is committed to preventing a Donald Trump presidency. He is wholly unfit for President. His candidacy threatens the legitimacy and health of the Republican party. We support Hillary Clinton as the rational option.

While it appears that American voters are leaning towards electing Clinton, we urge all Republicans ensure Trump’s defeat and her election.

Trump is carrying about 80 percent of Republicans right now. About 15 percent of us are split between Clinton and Libertarian Gary Johnson. That is double the recent historical average of 7.3 percent of Republicans who vote for the Democratic nominee for president, reflecting the serious concern among Republicans and conservatives about Trump’s fitness to be president. While many of Johnson’s positions make good sense, this election is too important to cast a protest vote.

It has been reported that the Trump campaign’s most viable route to victory is through Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Those states will be our primary focus.

The Legislative Branch

Trump’s disastrous campaign has made control of the US Senate very competitive. R4C16 believes that a balance of power, defined by different parties controlling the Legislative and Executive branches, is best. It is vital that people vote judiciously, for Clinton and also for down ballot Republicans. A four seat pick-up for the Democrats, along with a Vice President Tim Kaine in the constitutional role of President of the Senate, would give Democrats control of the Senate. Currently, the consensus among political analysts is that nine seats could see a change in party affiliation (eight Republican — PA, OH, NC, NH, FL, WI, IL, IN; one Democrat — NV).

And while the US House of Representatives appear secure in GOP hands, in the current political environment, Democrats could make huge gains and even threaten GOP control there.

There is every reason to believe that there will be robust national turnout for this election. We need your vote and your support to ensure balance in Washington, DC .

R4C16 will continue to offer a principled voice of reason for the rest of the campaign season. There are many principled Republicans who believe in country first. Our great nation requires your principled engagement and conscientious votes.

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