Wake Up

There are many lessons to learn from this election, but the fact that Trump won is not surprising to us. We took dramatic action precisely because we thought he could win, not because we thought he wouldn’t. This year, turnout was high, but not as high as it should have been — especially among people who know better.

Clinton will win the popular vote (barely). Trump will be president. The nation is divided.

Now, the real work begins.

This election is a repudiation of the status quo and business as usual. It is a wake up call. Things need to change. In these next moments, America needs its leaders more than ever.

Trump has extraordinary challenges ahead. It’s up to us to make sure his mistakes (and all presidents make mistakes) are limited.

And it’s up to us to get organized, get connected and get involved.

Do not move to Canada. Do more for America.

We are awake. Let’s get to work.