The Drawing Teacher Who Taught History

From an old blog post:

When I was in high school, something strange happened. Our social science teacher disappeared. Simply gone one day. I don’t remember what happened to him in the middle of the academic year but we soon had a new social science teacher. However, between the disappearance of the old social science teacher and the appointment of the new one, for a couple of weeks, we did not have anyone to teach us social science or history. Now I know what you are thinking. No Indian school teaches history. All they do is prepare students for history exams. I agree. We had noone to do that for a brief period. So our school management in their infinite wisdom decided to ask, wait for it, our drawing teacher to take history classes for us.

The students were flabbergasted. We did not know we had a drawing teacher in the first place. Anyway his classes were turned out to be a hoot.

He wrote important names, dates, places, timelines etc. on the blackboard for us to note down and memorize. After that, he just told us stories. And, boy, how well did he tell them. For the first time ever history came alive for us. Strange names became personalities, obscure battles in faraway places happened right in front of our eyes in all their chaotic glory; we saw magnificent monuments being built by thousands of workers, our hearts skipped quite a few beats as Shivaji staged an audacious escape from the Mughal prison. It was all fantastic. It lasted two weeks. We had a proper social science teacher after that and the fun stopped.

There are teachers and then there are those who happen to teach for a living.

Happy Teacher’s Day!