Is Sandbox Interactive Rushing Albion Online?

We have been the champions of Albion Online Silver for a while now and we are very excited for the games full release when more and more people can get in on this unique MMORPG. But we have heard some people say that they feel that Sandbox Interactive are actually rushing the release of Albion Online.

In the years since it has been in Beta, Albion Online has had a few delays here and there and for the most part, Albion Online has been updated and released when Sandbox Interactive felt the testing had given them results they were happy with.


We are not sure that Sandbox Interactive have actually rushed the game and from the most part of it, people are happy with what the game is going to offer when it is released. It is going to have a good challenge and a lot of stuff to do. We do not feel that they have rushed it to meet this July 2017 release date at all. The game has been in Beta for what feels like forever. In Short, Sandbox Interactive had to take a stand and say “ this is the release date and we have to meet it!” That seems to be what they have done and we do not see anything that would lead us to think that this July 2017 release date of Albion Online is rushed.

What about you guys? Do you feel that Sandbox Interactive are rushing Albion Online to meet this July 2017 deadline they set themselves?