Path Of Exile Passive Tree and Item Filter Information

As you probably know there was a pretty big patch for Path Of Exile recently and the folks at Grinding Gear Games have made a lot of changes, some small and some pretty big to the game. Today we want to talk about some of the more interesting things that have been revealed about changes to the Passive Tree and the item filter.

Passive Tree

The main change is to do with Damage Over Time. For example, some pretty big changes were made and as a result, passive skills that were focused on bleeding, poison, burning have been tweaked. Interestingly bleeding damage and poison damage have had new clusters added.

Some passive skills that gave you a chance to cause bleeding when doing a melee attack now offer the same chance, but to all kinds of attacks, not just melee.

Two new keystones have been added. One is between the Scion and the Shadow and the other is right near the Duelist. There is also a new cluster that is near the Duelist.

Path Of Exile Passive Tree and Item Filter Information

Item Filter

Grinding Gear Games have added a ton of new base items to Path Of Exile. You can see a full list at the Path Of Exile forums. But there is a good mix of support skill gems, quest items, and stackable currency. There are also two new item classes which are Pantheon Soul and Piece. As well as new base items, you will see that a handful of items have had their name changed for some reason.

We really feel that a lot of work has gone into this latest update for Path Of Exile. If you want to get the most out of the game then be sure to have a look at our cheap Path Of Exile Currency which as of writing are still on special offer!!!

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