What Area Has Had The Most Time Spent In It In POE!

Now if you have been looking at our blog lately, you will notice, we have gotten a huge kick out of the different lists that Grinding Gear Games have put over on the POE forums. Here they are sharing with us stats on the Harbinger League, letting us know what the most popular areas of the game are. Today we are looking at the most popular instance duration in regards to minutes spent playing.

Top Five Instance Duration in Minutes

This is one of the most interesting lists that has come out of this “study” top of the list is Poorjoy’s Asylum which has an average time of 75 minutes and 48 seconds which is over twice than the number two map which is The Coward’s Trial which has an average play time of 28 minutes 53 seconds!

The top five are Poorjoy’s Asylum, The Coward’s Trial, Maelstrom Of Chaos, Caer Blaidd and Wolfpack’s Den. All of these maps have a special kind of layout and the rules that they have can make it hard for a player to run through them. Plus many players like to do a bit more exploring in these maps.

Coming in at the bottom of the list is the Torture Chamber with an average play time of just under 20 minutes. We think that the fact that this map is one of the harder to navigate is the only reason that it has made the list.

We found this pretty interesting and wonder if you guys would agree that these are the maps you have spent the most time with as well. If you are looking to give yourself an edge in POE make sure you check out our low priced POE Currency!