Shutdown 2018–08–20

Aug 17, 2018 · 2 min read

We’ve decided to shut down R6DB 20th of August 2018. This has been an ongoing topic since May, but now’s the conclusion.


When we first made R6DB everything was much simpler. Server costs were mere pocket money, didn’t have to do much customer support and time needed for system maintenance were non-existent. With increased traffic and tracked player count the need for a beefier server arose, which we covered with ad revenue. Since the GDPR law came into place we’ve had to disable ads and have been paying the server costs from our own pockets. We would’ve also needed to create a company (with all the work that comes with it) since GDPR requires the “identity and the contact details of the controller” to be available to users. With added features the amount of support we’ve had to provide has also shot up (imagine a hurricane of “Why is this person on the leaderboard” emails / tweets paired with “Why am I not on the leaderboard” etc).

All of this put together means that it’s become too much to maintain for a hobby project and we’re unwilling to do this as anything more.

Thank you

After we announced our first plans for shutdown due to GDPR we were contacted by Alexandre Remy on behalf of Ubisoft and we got some much needed legal support. We are very thankful for that and we’re sad we won’t be able to keep the site open for longer.

Someone else deserving of a special mention is Marco, a talented designer who joined our ranks in late 2017 and has made some great contributions to the project since.

What’s next?

We have aggregated a lot of data over time about ranks and operators and we think some members of the community might find it interesting. We also might release some infographics we prepared back in May (just need to update them first).

Other than that, on a longer timescale, we’re not done with Rainbow 6 just yet so who knows where things might go.


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