Monster Truck Culture and Its Fans at MonsterCarsUA, hosted by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov

The wave of Monster Truck Culture and its worldwide adoption. Events like MonsterCarsUA initiated by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov
The culture of monster truck has come to stay, and its fans are completely captivated by it, as they enjoy the large wheelbarrows and deadly car shows and steep. This brings all forms of vehicles including the trucks and cars to the field across the world. The car crushing insanity and heavy sounding engines attract ecstatic fans in the major events.

The origin

The culture of Monster Trucks started in the 70’s. It began with the remodeling of stock pickups with tires and suspensions double the size of the original. The peak came when the Mad Max, the dystopian thriller, came out from Australia. This gave rise to the dieselpunk genre that brought in the first Monster Car named the “Interceptor”.

Credit for all images: Vernadsky Challenge via FB

Officially the tradition gained traction in 1981 when the first Monster Trucks show happened. The person to drive the first Monster Truck was America’s Bob Chandler and the monster was named the Bigfoot. He recorded himself driving the car over two other cars in a field in order to to promote his car with it and to get people to order its parts. But he was later advised to organize a show and make people to pay for watching the monster car ride. The show happened and was hugely successful, and many people became interested in seeing the Bigfoot.

The Current State of Monster Trucks

The show has become an itinerant one, though with separate names in different countries. It is being hosted in the USA, Canada and Netherlands as the Monster Jam. In the UK, it is called the Monster Truck Show, while in Australia it is named the Monster Events. In the big festivals, races, daredevils and stunt shows are witnessed.

The show entertains people, no doubt, but it poses a lot of dangers. Because of this, many safety rules has been released for all vehicles by the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA). For example neck braces, helmets, and 5-point seat harnesses must be won by the drivers, and fire extinguishers must be used. The shows have seen the crushing of houses, cars and even buses.

What Lies Ahead In The Monster Truck Culture?

The monster truck and custom cars culture keeps growing. The custom mechanics across the globe are designing bigger trucks and making them look more and more like those from the Mad Max. Ukraine is not left out in this movement. BestRoboFest, one of the largest robotics festival in the country hosted by Association Noosphere and Max Polyakov, apart from robots, has also involved a number monstrous creations. The festival, named the MonsterCarsUA, had 17 designers from all over Ukraine to present and compete in their custom car designs.

Credit for all images: Vernadsky Challenge via FB

This show, which was initiated by the managing partner of Noosphere Ventures and co-founder of Association Noosphere, Max Polyakov, was dominated by the exhibition of jeeps, trucks, bicycles, cars and motorcycles. Judges and viewers were amazed by the new collection. The event also spiced things up by rewarding the winners of the event with a motivating prizes. They are expected to strike with new monster truck designs the next event.
 Max Polyakov said that most of all he enjoyed the fact the number of people who attended this year’s event is a double of the number that came last year. According to Max Polyakov, the future of the rebuilding of Ukrainian industry lies in the hands of the young people who attended the event.

Next year this event is expected to be even bigger. If you have your own “huge toys” such as monster bikes or cars don’t hesitate to show everyone your creations. Bring the adrenaline rush to the audience!