Tackling UX Interview Homework

A view of the process from research to wireframe

I received my first homework for a UX Design position.

Because this was for a position as a UX Designer, we’ve got to get some user input right? I didn’t have a ton of time, but I did have access to a 5 executives who were able to give me their opinions before and after.

User personas by Jason Travis.
I normally start of sketching to try to figure out the basic layout. I know, I know, the thing now is to jump straight in to your favorite design program or get dirty with html, but I love the way pen feels on paper.
Snapshot of the status of an individual Workstream.
A Workstream that has been toggled open to display a graph legend as well as a list of important action items.

I only heard back from three so far, but the findings were interesting. All of the responders preferred the flatter wireframe.

Product Designer @Slant. Yup.

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