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by Hidarinia for YouKanRok

I am not one for new resolutions — I believe there is no time like now and that we should not take the calendar as an excuse to delay action. But I also believe that any moment in life that gets you to reflect on your past, present and future is a good moment to (re)set your intention. And today, as the year begins, and as fashion goes, I contemplate the past year, where I am at now, and what I will make of this year ahead.

In 2017, I disrupted my life, with a stop to corporate life and daily routine. I got out of my comfort zone, out of my head and into the world. I panicked, I cried, I got angry. Then I laughed, I was amazed, I loved, I enjoyed. Through family and travel, I am peeling off the layers of my previous roles and searching for other ones, for who I am. The journey is bumpy but oh, so intriguing.

The deconstructing part is probably harder than the rebuilding one. It requires letting go — something I am not great at. I am learning. I stumble and fall sometimes — often. I sulk and fear that I won’t make it. I always get up though, and start all over again.

It is only the beginning — there is still a long way ahead, in 2018 and the coming years. My intention going forward is to stay true to the self I am rediscovering — to not let it drown under the noise of everyday-life necessities. And for that I need faith to fight off fear, and focus to fight off distraction — in this time of over-stimulation, concentration is also a challenge I struggle with constantly.

Then what? Is there a higher purpose? I don’t know yet. Maybe — I hope so. I do know this though: I intend to make the journey as creative and fun as possible, for myself and everyone around me — because, what’s the point otherwise? Maybe that’s the higher purpose of it all. And that’s more than ok.

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