To all the haters,

In the time it takes you to send me venom filled, immature comments to the posts I make here, or any of my other blogs, or on any other platform. You could have been making money.

In between those barbs, you claim to know better than me and my friends in the network marketing industry. If that is the case you wouldn’t have the need to hide behind a cloak of anonymity by posting under a hilarious false name to make allegations and sometimes down right rude and disgusting comments.

This is not just about MyAdvertisingPays, this is about the industry as a whole.

If you have been burned in the past, I feel your pain. I’ve backed the wrong horse several times over the years in this industry.

The difference between me and you is:

I didn’t become bitter and twisted because I’d lost a lot of money. Instead I got up, dusted myself down and started again.

I don’t resent others success, there isn’t a jealous or envious bone in my body, if I want something someone else has, I don’t sit there crying on the sofa, I go out there and I work to get it.

I don’t take myself seriously, hence the goofy videos on facebook, youtube, vine etc… You may think it’s pathetic, but hey I’m putting the real me out there, not hiding behind a false name. It shows I don’t take myself seriously.

I don’t publish your comments because you claim that you’re telling the truth. I don’t want to embarrass you or sully my blogs with downright disgustingness. Sure I drop a few f-bombs here and there because I’m passionate about what I do. Not because I want to do it to insult others.

We do not prey on the weak and vulnerable, if anything we discourage anyone from joining any online business opportunity if it’s going to take money off the table for rent or feeding your family, or heating your home.

We do what we do to help others, not to fill our own pockets, no matter what perception you my have of us.

If anything it isn’t me or my friends that need to wake up and smell the coffee, to find out who needs to wake up, take a hard long look in the mirror.

Rant over!!!

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