what the ever-loving frell did I just read?!
Mari Wheeler

Men will do and say anything to get in a woman’s pants? Enter the author of this article saying whatever he has to to get women to like him. If somebody says so on the internet it must be true right? “Yawn”……Is the average person really that stupid to just believe what he or she is told without checking the facts for themselves? I know…I get it….for many of you male and female feminists, fact checking and researching is such hard work and time consuming that you would rather just believe anyone who tells you what you want to hear. A grade 5 student is taught to check the facts yet some of you are just too lazy to do so. You are not smarter than a fifth grader! And that is so sad it is beyond explanation. Many of you are just too stupid to realize that you are in fact that stupid and that to be that stupid means you are too stupid to realize that you are that stupid. There is no hope for you. Somebody said it on the internet so it must be true…..How pathetic some of you are and you wonder why some men want nothing to do with you?

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