5 Things You Should Do in Social Media

The time has come to write once again after a long break. Today i am going to highlight a very important issue regarding social media. Social Media Marketing in Bangladesh is expanding quite a good rate and brands are investing relatively a good amount of money in it as the main beauty of it: you can measure the ROI. CEO and CMOs are now more comfortable in this new and exciting media than ever…

On the other side of the coin, we need to be careful of some issues in social media to get the optimal benefit. Good news is some of the most common barriers to amplifying social messages and boosting engagement are simple to avoid. Mastering a few basics can give your efforts the best chance to succeed and capitalize on what these platforms can offer.

What are these basics? I bet you all have a very good idea. Still to refresh your mind let’s talk about it…

1. A Perfect Profile: Incomplete profile is not a good idea for your social media presence. You must have a proper and valid information in your “About” section. Users or visitors actually visit this section to get a fair idea about you or your product/service. Mentioning contact details and website address can increase your credibility. Beside this, connecting a business website with its corresponding social media pages helps identify official accounts.

2. Content Marketing: Social channels require carefully crafted messages — not direct sales pitches. Like asking BUY my product will not give you the desire result. But on the other hand you need to ensure revenue/leads. The solution is content marketing. You need to design such contents for your customers which can attract them and drive them to your social profile to know more about you and your service. Instead of telling directly to buy your product you can always make cases and situation where users will find the utility of your service/product. That will give you the edge you are looking for.

3. Being Human: Brands that use social media successfully add a human touch to their marketing strategy. For example Coca-Coal or Apple. If you push the “Auto Pilot” switch to your brand in Social Media, you will loose all the good juice of it. You need to implement human touch in you social media strategy. like when you post post with a picture or video, do not just post a scheduled post with text which seems like a notice board.

4. Create Engagement: The most important matter i guess. Not like traditional media, social media is a two way communication process. You can create a great conversation with your customers here. Start doing it now. Process is very simple reply to their queries, post relevant information and ask recommendations. Engaging with customers creates relationships, brand loyalty and a positive reputation.

5. Consistency: Consistent branding also reflects to the look and feel of social profiles compared to the company’s website and marketing material. You must post relevant subjects in your social profile which also emphasis your business. You need to be consistent in terms of graphics, communication tone as well as colors and gesture to create a professionalism image in your customers mind.

So these are my simple solutions for you which i guess you all know very well. Still hoping this article might help you to reinforce these easy fixes in your social media planning and strategy. Have fun socializing and good day.

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