IndieSquare launches revamped UI with new web standard!

Rebekah Moss
Sep 4, 2018 · Unlisted

IndieSquare has launched a new and improved UI (User Interface) optimizing the experience of both IndieSquare Wallet and IndieBoard users.

The goal is to streamline IndieBoard’s token generation via the new ‘Discover’ platform. The service, existing as part of the IndieBoard API service targeted towards integrating tokenization within the Indiesquare Wallet mobile application. Whereas IndieBoard has formerly been a web-based client, the addition of the Discover service allows users to create tokens from their IndieSquare Wallet.

The Discover functionality also acts in a promotional capacity to help token creators discover one another in a similar way to that of an app store; emphasizing the web standard protocol, also included in this updated version of the IndieSquare Wallet.

As mentioned, IndieBoard has now been included within IndieSquare Wallet as a 3rd party application with this latest update; as allowed by the recently implemented web-standard protocol. The web standard protocol allows for the 3rd party hosting and integration of apps within IndieSquare wallet whilst maintaining the same security of the blockchain.

Also set to be added in the coming months, is the addition of the Lightning network, and the integration of apps and payment channels utilizing the network to allow for micropayments and the further addition of cross-application hosting within IndieSquare Wallet. The inclusion of the Lightning network is also forecasted to work alongside the integrated newsreader environment of the IndieSquare Wallet; wherein a common use case of lightning payments is to pay for the consumption of written media. Examples of these can be seen in the demo below!

Users should check the Google Play and iOS app stores now for the new update, as well as stay up to date on our social channels for more news!

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