Instagram Is Ruining Vacation
Mary Pilon

Really interesting article with some good points. However, I am not sure if Instagram is whats ruining holidays, specifically… but rather the hyper-connectivity and image consciousness that we (gen-y ‘n’ millennials, largely) are almost all afflicted with. This is a culture problem rather than a tool problem. There are a lot of articles floating around about how Slack is killing rather than helping productivity — when in reality its our (and everyone’s) addiction to connection that is stopping us from being productive. In the same way, our addiction to consturcting the perfect self image and the instant validation that usually comes with it is ruining not just how we travel, but how we perceive and how we choose to capture the things we see and why.

The counter-point to the Slack take downs (which I agree with) is that if you hit your hand with a hammer, you don’t go back to using a rock, you figure out how to better use the hammer. I think an industrial process analogy works for Instagram too: If you’re creating some art using paint made from toxic chemicals and it starts to make you sick, you don’t need to go back to crayons, you can install ventilation to give you a healthier (and probably more productive!) relationship with your tools and your medium.

I love Instagram. I love using it, sharing on it, and see all the beautiful images that my friends (and many strangers) post. We live in an age of unprecedented connectivity, freedom of movement and affordability of travel. I dont think we should stop doing the things that make us happy, preserving wonderful memories and creating beautiful images (as the writer points out, in a no-different way from generations before us). I guess we just need to be more mindful about our connection with the world around us instead of being obsessed with the connections we form and nurture online.

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