Good bye

Amidst the darkness

Amidst the wee hours of the night

Stands two cupboards - slightly open

3 guitars — well covered

2 beds, 1 body & 1 living soul.

Amidst the darkness

Sleeps a body on her bed

Covered in 3 layers, blanket, quilt & a thin sheet.

Amidst the darkness I saw a third body

My clone. Frozen. Stiff & lifeless.

I see it in dim light.

Same complexion, same nose, same hair & same lips.

Amidst the darkness lays a dead clone.

Dead clone of mine.

I gently, extend my hand to touch her cheeks

She opens her eyes and says

“Hello! Me”

You have been up for a while

Take this bottle and say cheers to the coming life

You will be set free

All you need is a dose of pills

For this is the price you pay for the lives you killed.

And amidst the darkness

The tight skinned, thin hand passes me the bottle

It’s opaque with tablets in it

Frightened me, says to the body

You are a lie. I am alive. Go away. This is my room. This is my space.

Amidst the darkness the.. the body.. points her finger towards the floor

Shows my mommy, crying out loud.

Her eyes red, shedding tears, her voice almost gone

And she’s crying calling out my name, holding my dead body, trying to recover from the pain

‘Mummy this isn’t true' I screamed to her. She doesn’t listen. ‘Mommy I am here, that’s a lie' … Mommy wouldn’t listen.

The body looks into my eyes, smugs, opens the bottle & puts pills in my mouth.

cupboards, guitars, computer table, living soul, my paintings on the wall, picture of mom n dad on a side of cupboard, lil niece in the other room.

Good bye!

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