Smell of fresh paint

Aah! This smells so good. An unequaled smell of fresh paint. Brings a smile on my face.

It’s amusing how this smell automatically gives you a sense of new beginning. A fresh start may be.

This particular smell has always fancied me. Springs a distant memory of visiting a car showroom to see a car for papa. I was a kid then. I remember we had planned to watch a movie after we see the car. The back office of showroom smelled of Teflon coating - smelled stronger than nail paint’s smell.

Smell of freshly printed book. Those school days and new books. Felt so good.

I even like the oriflame and avon product booklets. Aah! Bring them near your nose... Embrace them on your cheeks and enjoy it. Breath in and breath out. So is the smell of old book and it’s sepia colored pages. They give you sense of satisfaction - feels better than having an orgasm. It takes you to different universe. Talking about smell how can one forget about patrichor? The fresh and new born smell of rain on dry and parched ground.

I wish I could embrace these smells.
The fragrance so beautiful - so fulfilling.