The Whatsapp Story

When in love ❤
During our fights 😡
When we break off 💔⁠
When the sadness shrouds 🌒
Sleepless days 🌑
Sleepless nights 🌚
I love you 😍
I hate you 🔪
You are no longer U⁠⁠
I am no longer U
Fuck this shit

Let our shoulders meet 🔃⁠⁠⁠⁠
Let our heart beat together⁠💞⁠
Let our legs cross each other 👣
Let our lips get smashed 😘
Let the blood flow ❣
Let the water pass 💦
Let’s embrace the moment👫
And fuck this shit

.. And seize the time ⌛⁠
.. And fuck this shit forever.

Frozen. Tangled ➰. Unmoved
Just Be.
Unfixed ⚙. Unquestioned❓. Unanswered 🚫.
Just Fuck this shit away

One moment — everything was mine
next moment I am a lost player 🎲
I have nothing in my hand 👐🏻
These lines mean nothing 〰
The only heart i had once
is no longer mine.

Fuck this shit.
Forever. ✔✔

Last seen 
12 minutes ago.

And yet another time
You opened your whatsapp 
Saw my profile pic
Read my status
and locked your mobile screen.

That’s our whatsapp story.

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