Benefits of Advanced Probiotics

Probiotics are microbial ingredients that benefit the body when ingested. They are often referred to as the good bacteria. They have been claimed to be nutritional powerhouses by the researchers. These good bacteria are present in many food products that we consume.

Health benefits

The potential health benefits of Advanced Probiotics stem from the balance of good and bad bacteria inside the body. Good bacteria are vital for proper development of the immunity system, protection against harmful microorganisms, digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. This balancing act depends on the individual’s dietary needs, and other health or immune system factors. The theory behind the probiotic boost is that there are cells present in the digestive tract which are connected to the immune system- if the good bacteria is present to combat the bad, the cells will absorb these healthy microbial ingredients and strengthen the immune system.

Probiotic foods are excellent for treating diarrhea especially when it is caused by a viral infection such as rotavirus. It also takes care of constipation and other digestive problems. Bloating, cramping and irregularity associated with the situation are reduced with the use of these helpful bacteria. The results of using probiotics have been proved to be significantly better than taking placebo therapy for the same disease.
These are useful for treating infections in women’s genital organs. They combat ailments like candidiasis (yeast infection) and bacterial vaginosis. There is also some evidence to prove that they prevent urinary tract infections and bladder cancer.
These food ingredients work well to reduce the side effects of antibiotics. A study conducted by a prominent university shows patients taking probiotics along with the prescribed antibiotics have very low likelihood of getting antibiotic-associated diarrhea. These ingredients also help lower the chances of yeast infections in women due to antibiotic consumption.
How to consume probiotics?
Advanced probiotics can be found in nature in a supplemented form, for example, food items like yogurt, whole soybeans or soya based dishes like miso and tofu. Yogurt is one of the best-known sources. Consuming pure organic yogurt enhances the digestive system. Cultured milk products like kefir are rich in these bacteria too. A traditional milk fermented beverage produced by mixing cow milk with goat milk and kefir seeds has the high content of these ingredients. Other probiotic-rich dairy products are buttermilk, cottage cheese, sour cheese, etc.
Fermented cabbage consumed in places like Germany, Central America, and Asia, has high probiotic content. But, modern techniques of mass production including pasteurization destroy the beneficial bacteria. Unpasteurized pickles and olives are naturally high in these good bacteria.
A word of caution
Very few studies have been conducted on probiotics, and still, there is ongoing research on the subject. Research supporting the health benefits of these microbial food ingredients is relatively new. You should consider the potential health risks associated with consuming the excess of such foods. It is advisable not to take probiotic-based supplements without consulting the doctor.
Although long-term scientific studies have not been conducted in this field, the health gurus overwhelmingly accept the health benefits of probiotics.