CFA exams are one the most celebrated exams worldwide. They are finance-related exams and considered great milestones for any person who completes these exams. These exams are very competitive in nature, and there are thousands of people who appear in the exams with a select few being able to clear it. The CFA exam consists of three stages, Level I, Level II and Level III. After the successful completion of all the levels, the student is awarded a certification of CFA. These exams are to be taken sequentially and Level 1 exams are taken twice year while the other two level exams are conducted once year every 1 Saturday of June. The content of the exams, difficulty levels, and the complexity of the questions increase with each level. The general idea is that the students, who study according to the LOS and the curriculum provided are the successful in clearing the exams. There are few well established and internationally recognized companies that offer support materials for exam preparations, such as AnalystPrep. Each section has a cutoff and then there is a total cut off. Each candidate should clear each section’s cutoff and the overall cut off to clear the exams.

There are many websites and companies that have a CFA question bank which can be used to study and prepare for the exams. It is advisable for the candidate to put as much time as they could in practicing. The main key of clearing the exams is to master the art of time management. With the help of a CFA question bank, a candidate can get a near about clear idea about how they should be performing in the exams. These study materials help in being mentally prepared of what is to appear in the exams. To date there has been no CFA question bank that contains similar question as the exam. There might be guesses which might be close. The CFA question bank helps a candidate gain the right kind of speed that is required to complete the paper on time. If you’re looking for a great question bank, check out

There are many independent individual blogs that post thousands of questions with respect to the syllabus that is posted at CFA website. Many experts and candidates believe that solving the q banks actually help a lot and should be done on regular basis. They prepare the candidate mentally and help him in performing in a much better way. The candidates who appeared in the last exams were asked about the amount of hours that they had put in to prepare for the exams, the majority of the candidate on an average had said 325 hours. These hours were spent in not only solving the CFA question bank, video lectures and study notes. There are many prep centers that are both in house and independent preparation centers that help the students. But none of these institutes guarantee a 100% success rate.

There are a few websites who offer three types of plans, the first one is free, through this you can get a very vague idea about what actually the exam would be like. The CFA question bank that they offer usually has not more than 350+ questions. Then, there is a medium package plan, which has a complete CFA question bank along with a few study notes and video lectures. The full package contains a full set of question bank and video lectures, along with multiple tests at various stages of preparation. The full subscription in many cases is not very pricey, and is usually worth the money. There are also two complete CFA like paper which help the candidate understand the vigor of the exam prep that is required in a much better way. CFA exams are quite tough and require determination, presence of mind, a constant preparatory attitude fixated on learning and absorbing the vast amount of information. It is highly important that the candidate remains relaxed and confident on his preparations. The multiple variety of CFA question banks that are available are a lot of help, be they the ones which are free of cost and can be found on personal blogs or the ones from preparatory institutes. In some cases there are people who readily give up their materials to other aspiring candidates just as a gesture of help. Whatever the case maybe, CFA question bank help a long way in clearing the exams.

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